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[So, Amy has something very important to talk about with Ucchii. That's why he asked him to come to a nice corner of this beautiful park, where she knows no one would be listening.

She's sitting on a bench with a thoughtful expression on her face as she waits for him to arrive]
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[Amy's startled by his call, but she soon smiles at him. She stands up and runs to hug him. Tighter and longer than usual for a greeting]

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[She stiffens a bit at the question]

Ah... there is something...

[Amy grabs Ucchii's sleeve and tugs him to sit down with her on the bench. There's no point in beating around the bush, so here goes. She takes a deep breath.]

I need to tell you something. I've been feeling weird all week, so I went to the doctor today and...

[And she gets nervous again, looking everywhere but his lover's face]

...I don't even know how to tell Gentle...

[Nor Ucchii, apparently]
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Yes. I know he will. And I know you will too.. [She doesn't doubt that, either] See, Ucchii, the thing is...

[She tightens her grip on Ucchii's hands and closes her eyes. It should be easier this way. Yes.

Another deep breath and here goes.

Here goes.]

I'm pregnant.

[There. It wasn't that hard, was it. Except that if she were to stand up right now, there's no guarantee her knees would hold her up]
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Ucchii! Don't yell!

[She takes a deep breath and carries on fast and stumbling over the words] I thought you should be the first one to know, and... It was fun to make this baby with you, and I want it, so... if you don't, you don't have to do anything. I'll take care of things, okay?

[Part of her wants to run away fast, but her Brave is greater than this. She'll wait at least until Ucchii gives her an answer]
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[You're making Amy pout big time, Ucchii. She withdraws her hands from his and folds her arms]

I haven't been with anyone else.
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[Amy leans toward Ucchii to grab his hands]

Wait. Wait, Ucchii, don't cry. It's fine...

[Shouldn't he be doing this for her? Ah, well.]

So, do you want the baby too?
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Why not--? [She begins to say, but then he kisses her. Not complaining, though. Instead, she throws her arms around his neck to pull him closer. ]
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[She laughs again and presses her forehead against him]

Yes. In a few months.
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You don't know? It's nine months. Although with the time it took me to find out, hm... I think about eight?
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[Amy smiles brightly and holds Ucchii's head with both her hands]

You already are, you know?
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And... I'm going to need your help to tell Gentle about this.

[At least some moral support]