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A Sex Therapist: Simon/Takerou for Tans

Simon has only been in the kitchen with Takerou for ten minutes, but already it feels like a dream come true. How long has he spent complaining and cajoling and canoodling his lover and one-time competitor into collaborating with him? Now, finally, Takerou agreed to try out a few experiments in the kitchen, which is how they are spending the afternoon. The rest of the staff of Simon's bakery is out, giving them free reign to play with as many ingredients as they like. In Simon's words, it would be simply awful if their creative energies were intruded on just as they were within reach of new heights of pleasure...!

Culinary pleasure, that is. Of course.

In his defense, it is the desserts that are foremost in his mind as he sidles up behind Takerou. He wraps his arms around Takerou's waist from behind and peers over his shoulder at his work.

"That cream is firming up nicely!" he exclaims.

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To be honest, it's a dream of his too. And a nightmare. He's in heaven in such a large kitchen with nearly every ingredient, gadget and tool a desert chef could ask for. Takerou had brought a few non-Western things for their experiments but it feels like a sad bag (though one he's still doggedly proud of under it all) left on the table behind them.

Ten minutes and the smell of the kitchen is getting to him. It's just like the smell Simon exudes naturally though not as good as it is on Simon and his traitorous body is reacting already. He's warming, flushing and staring down into the stand-mixer that's dutifully mixing up a red-bean flavored cream like it's the only thing that can save him from drowning in ridiculous horniness.

Takerou nearly jumps out of his skin when Simon comes to hold him from behind. And what he says: "Do you even listen to yourself!?"

So defensive. He's got a death-grip over where Simon's arms fold across his lower stomach to keep them from slipping down any more.